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For several decades of work, the best gamblers from different parts of the world have come up with incredibly interesting games. Throw dices, spin the roulette, try to beat the dealer or each other, land combos or participate in bingo – each of these games has its own unique charm, game mechanics and winnings. Over time, games became more simple and faster. For example: autoplay appeared slot machines, 3 Card Poker, baccarat and other fast games. But the fantasy of game developers knows no bounds and one day they decided to cross two different casino games, which led to incredible success.

Yes, in today’s article we will review video poker. This incredible gambling game mixed the rules from Texas Hold’em, and the in-game field from slot machines. You can play free video poker at any major PC or mobile casino with no download and it will be very easy to find games. If you have ever played slots or poker, then you can skip the rules part. Press the spin button, save or change cards and wait for the result.

Winning real money in double bonus poker

Video poker has a wide range of subtypes with different rules, bonus symbols and payouts. One of the most rated video poker types is Double Bonus. The game has greatly increased payouts for the “4 of a kind” combo, but decreased payouts for the smallest combos – 2 pairs. Can you play free video poker games online or double bonus poker for real money? Of courses! Initial steps to play video poker online:

  • Find a video poker casino. Choose a gambling site that offers a huge selection of games and good payouts.
  • Follow the simple procedure to create an account.
  • Visit the banking section and make your first deposit.
  • Go to the games section, choose video poker and start the game.
  • All money won will be saved on your account and you can withdraw it to a convenient payment method.

These steps apply not only to Jack or better, triple or double bonus poker and other video poker variations. You can also play free video poker and enjoy the game itself.

Free video poker for PC browsers

If you want to play casino just to have fun in your free time, then forget about real money gambling. Start playing free video poker without worrying about the state of your balances. To play free video poker and it’s types you have to:

  1. Choose a free-to-play casino in your country.
  2. Make sure there is video poker here.
  3. Create an account to receive and accumulate free currency.
  4. If you don’t sign up, then your game limit will quickly end.
  5. Get daily bonus chips, participate in challenges and win currency to keep playing any games.
  6. Play free video poker as long as you want!

Many modern casinos do not require downloading a game client, so you can play with any updated PC browser.

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