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Any poker player’s career starts with the first deposit and trying to build a bankroll . Moreover, this attempt simply has to be successful.

But in practice, this does not happen often. There is nothing surprising in draining the first deposit. Most of the novice players stumble upon the same rake. It takes a couple of extra poker account deposits to start building up a serious bankroll.

At first, a beginner should learn the basics of bankroll management and try to catch at least a bit of luck.

The emphasis should be on improving your playing skills as well as maintaining your own bankroll. And a good bonus comes in handy here.

Why poker bonus is so important

As soon as you start playing at the low limits in any poker room, rake comes to the fore, which has a significant impact on your bankroll.

The room usually takes about 3% from each played pot that has reached a certain value. In quantitative terms, the rake does not exceed $ 3, but it is almost impossible to reach the cap at low limits.

For this reason, a beginner poker player will have to give up 3% of almost every pot in which he participates. It may be much less than $ 3, but the rake will be charged on an ongoing basis.

And to increase the funds on your poker account, you need to beat not only the opponents you meet at the gaming tables, but also the rake.

The journey is not easy, but it’s easy enough to make it easier – with the help of a poker bonus.

The poker bonus is a great chance to make a bankroll.
There are always chances.
Poker bonuses were created by the best poker resources to attract new players.

The chances of retaining your initial deposit will increase exponentially if you have the best bonuses you can find on the net.

A poker bonus essentially means that for every hand that generates rake, the room will add a certain amount of money with your participation. And on some sites, a bonus is given for each hand.

Obviously, an additional source of profit significantly increases the chances of becoming a successful player and quickly building up a large bankroll.

Different types of poker bonuses

Each poker site has its own set of poker bonuses.

The most common type of bonus is the first deposit bonus, like at 888poker .

After creating a fresh account on the poker site and making your first deposit, you will be credited with a certain percentage of this amount on top.

The standard is the following: a 100% bonus up to $ 600.

This means that if the first deposit is $ 50, the player will receive another $ 50 on top.

This scheme works up to $ 600: that is, the maximum possible bonus amount is $ 600 (with a $ 600 deposit).

Many European sites such as William Hill Poker and Titan Poker have taken it a step further by offering a deposit bonus of 250% up to $ 2,000.

Bonuses like these don’t pay out right away as poker sites want players to spend some time at the gaming tables.

But there are also instant sign-up bonuses where a player receives a small amount of money just for creating an account. But such proposals are few.

And while such a bonus may not be your bankroll (since it is small enough), it will appeal to those looking for an instant reward.

Here’s one example: 888poker’s $ 88 Instant Bonus . Play money (part in the form of tournament tickets) is credited to your account immediately after registration, no deposit is required.

Most sites also offer deposit bonuses. They are useful for those players who make additional deposits from time to time in order to strengthen their bankroll.

Generally, the deposit bonus is less than the initial amount of the first deposit reward, but it is still quite large.

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