Omaha Hi / Lo, or as it is often called, O8 is gaining popularity both in live and online games thanks to its characteristic interesting draws and difficulty comparable to No Limit Hold’em.

This article details the basic O8 strategy for beginners at loose and aggressive cash tables.

Most of the O8 games you come across – especially at the low limits – will be very active and aggressive, with up to five players watching the flop. This is true even for many high-stakes games.

Key Skills for Winning Limit Omaha Hi / Lo

  • Rarely raise before the flop.
  • Remember that your goal is to take the entire bank.
  • Be prepared to fold very often on the flop.
  • Play the best starting hands.
  • Choose your tables carefully. Play only loose games with an average of at least five people watching the flop.
  • Perfect your ability to calculate odds quickly and correctly .

These tips are all very general, but they will serve you well if you follow them. Advice to rarely raise before the flop does not mean that raising before the flop will always be a mistake.

In a game like O8, where opponents are almost guaranteed to be loose, raising before the flop with anything other than the best hands does nothing but increase the size of the pot.

Key Tips for Limit Omaha Hi / Lo

Much like Omaha High, O8 is considered a nut game. This means that if you don’t have the nuts hand, there is a very good chance that you will not win the pot. For this reason, you need to be very careful in choosing your starting hands, only playing those that have potential for the nuts.

The most important thing to keep in mind is advice on the importance of winning the entire pot. Your main goal in O8 is to win both sides of the pot, high and low. In reality, it is very difficult to win the entire pot, it happens quite rarely.

When you play Omaha Hi / Lo, your goal is to ensure you win the high side of the pot and have the odds of winning the low side. If you have the nuts high, you are guaranteed to take half the pot. If you have nothing but the nuts on the low side, you risk only getting a quarter of the pot or less.

Common mistakes in limit Omaha Hi / Lo

  • Playing too many starting hands.
  • Calling exclusively with low potential.
  • Looking at the flop with four middle cards, such as 6-7-8-9.
  • Raise with A-2 in early position and knock players out of play instead of seeing a cheap flop with a lot of players.
  • Limit Omaha Hi / Lo Starting Hands Guide (Full Table, 8-10 Players)

The best starting hand in Omaha Hi / Lo is AA-2-3 double-suited (i.e. A2 of the same suit and A3 of another of the same suit), followed by AA-2-4 double-suited. These hands are very strong as they have good potential to win both sides of the pot. Of course, being suited, or better yet, being double suited, adds value to any hand.

Profitable starting hands

  • AA-2-x
  • AA-3-x
  • AA-4-5
  • A-2-3-x
  • A-2-KK
  • A-2-QQ
  • A-2-JJ
  • A-3-4-5
  • AAxx
  • A-2-KQ
  • A-2-KJ
  • A-2-xx (suited ace)
  • A-3-KK
  • A-3-4-x
  • 2-3-4-5 (fold if no ace comes on the flop)
  • JQKA
  • TJQK
  • KKQJ
  • QJT-9
  • 2-3-4-x (fold if no ace comes on the flop)

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