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Any poker player’s career starts with the first deposit and trying to build a bankroll . Moreover, this attempt simply has to be successful. But in practice, this does not happen often. There is nothing surprising in draining the first deposit. Most of the novice players stumble upon the same rake. It takes a couple of extra poker account deposits to start building up a serious bankroll. At first, a beginner should learn the basics of bankroll management and try to catch at least a bit of luck. The emphasis should be on improving your playing skills as well as maintaining your own bankroll. AndRead More →

Omaha Hi / Lo, or as it is often called, O8 is gaining popularity both in live and online games thanks to its characteristic interesting draws and difficulty comparable to No Limit Hold’em. This article details the basic O8 strategy for beginners at loose and aggressive cash tables. Most of the O8 games you come across – especially at the low limits – will be very active and aggressive, with up to five players watching the flop. This is true even for many high-stakes games. Key Skills for Winning Limit Omaha Hi / Lo Rarely raise before the flop. Remember that your goal is toRead More →

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The emergence and development of online poker has not surprisingly coincided with the emergence of the first mobile phones, and this symbiosis continues today. And if at first they followed parallel courses, now the phrase “play poker on the phone” is no longer able to surprise anyone. Downloading poker to your phone is a fairly simple task nowadays, which will take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Now it is difficult to remember which online poker room was the first to introduce mobile poker, but without an application for playing poker on the phone, they no longer exist. Mobile poker –Read More →

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For several decades of work, the best gamblers from different parts of the world have come up with incredibly interesting games. Throw dices, spin the roulette, try to beat the dealer or each other, land combos or participate in bingo – each of these games has its own unique charm, game mechanics and winnings. Over time, games became more simple and faster. For example: autoplay appeared slot machines, 3 Card Poker, baccarat and other fast games. But the fantasy of game developers knows no bounds and one day they decided to cross two different casino games, which led to incredible success. Yes, in today’s articleRead More →

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As an experienced gambler, you should agree that when the stakes are real, even if they are low, poker becomes a greatly different game and the emotions you get are incomparable. When you invest real money in the game, you play with a greater caution not to lose your chips. It means the less loose and incessant all-ins. And the chance of winning real cash only makes the things tenser. Playing No Deposit Poker and Winning Real Cash Can you play poker for real money while making no deposit? Surely! Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, gambling sites welcome their new players with bonus money. This is aRead More →

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In order to become a cool Poker gamer, you do not need to have a large wallet with money. Today, many Canadian casinos allow gamers to compete in card games without cash. Therefore, you simply choose a playground using VPN access and start play Poker online free without costs and risks. Features of free Poker via VPN access Not all modern gaming sites are openly accessible to gamers from different countries. Even if an online casino has an official license of the gaming commission, this does not guarantee that the user will always have access to this portal. Some states prohibit the operation of onlineRead More →